Reputation Matters: Your Trusted Distribution Ally

Located in the vibrant heart of Montgomery, New York, we at FlareTech have built a legacy of trust and reliability in the distribution landscape since our inception in 2014. Our commitment isn’t just to the retailers and consumers we serve, but fundamentally, to our esteemed partners – manufacturers, brands, and distributors who ensure a consistent flow of top-tier products.

In an industry where the quality of sourcing defines success, our mission has always been clear: to collaborate with the best. We're not merely looking for products; we seek relationships, understanding that the strength of our ties determines the success we share.

We pride ourselves on the seamless integration of products into our diverse range, from everyday essentials to specialized offerings. When you partner with us, it's not merely a transaction but a commitment. Our dedication to quality is unwavering, and it's evident in everything we do and how we present ourselves.

Join us on a journey where quality, reliability, and mutual growth are not just words but the values we operate by.


We pride ourselves on an unwavering commitment to honesty, trustworthiness, and reputation. Our team embodies a genuine spirit of approachability, friendliness, and easy communication, ensuring that every interaction is as pleasant as it is productive.

A United Team

Our success story is written by the dedication of our remarkable employees. Every team member brings unique talents and unwavering commitment to the table, ensuring our operations run seamlessly. Their passion, expertise, and collaborative spirit are the driving force behind our achievements.

Quality Assurance

We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that every product that passes through our hands meets the highest standards of excellence. 


With a decade of experience navigating the intricacies of distribution, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table that makes every interaction seamless. Partnering with us means partnering with professionals who understand your challenges and speak your language.

A Shared Journey to Success

We understand that the strength of our business lies in the relationships we build with our suppliers and so we treat them with the respect and transparency they deserve. Our enduring true friendships with suppliers stand as a testament to our belief that business thrives when relationships are built on trust, openness, and mutual respect.