From Grocery to Glam: Distributing Excellence Across Aisles

Whether it’s a sip of health, a touch of beauty, or the daily essentials, our range of products is curated with the utmost quality in mind.

Everyday Essentials and Beyond!

From your morning supplements to the cleaning spree essentials, from pet pampering products to the best of snacks – We've got it all, and we've got the best!

Bringing Quality to Your Doorstep

Quality Meets Quantity

With a dedicated team and a passion for excellence, we ensure every product we distribute resonates with quality, value, and market appeal.

More than Distribution

We believe in partnerships, not just business. Collaborate with us and feel the difference of a distributor that truly values your growth.


In an ever-evolving retail landscape, we're the constant you can count on. Partner with a distributor who knows adaptability and excellence.

Seamless Supply Chain

In the dynamic world of distribution, we're your steadfast partner. With us, experience seamless transactions, on-time deliveries, and products that shine on the shelves.


At FlareTech, our products are everyday essentials that create lasting impressions. We believe in delivering more than just items, we deliver memorable moments.

Fresh Confidence

Brighter Smiles

Tail-Wagging Delights

Crunchy Comforts

Vital Boost

Silky Strands

Oceanic Delight

Sparkling Results

Awakened Moments

Flavor Elevations

Silken Touch

Style Elevated

Montgomery: Distribution Central

Located in Montgomery, New York — a prime nexus of commerce and community, blending accessibility with the charm of the Empire State 

181 Boyd St Unit 2, Montgomery, NY 12549


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